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U�O�U? U�U?U?O�U� U�O�O?O�U? O?O?U�U�

U�U?U?O�U� U�O�O?O�U? U�O?U�O? - U�U?U?O�U� U�O�O?O�U? O?O?U�U?O?O�O?U? O?O� U�O?U�O? O?O� O�U�U?O�O? O�O�O� U�O� U? ...U�U?U?O�U� U�O�O?O�U?U�U?U?O�U� U�O�O?O�U? U�O?U�O? - U�U?U?O�U� U�O�O?O�U? O?O?U�U?O?O�O?U? O?O� U�O?U�O? O?O� O�U�U?O�O? O�O�O� U�O� U? ...U�U?U?O�U� U�O�O?O�U?U�U?U?O�U� U�O�O?O�U? mc | O�O?U�O�O?O?U?U�U?O? U? O?O�O�U� U�U?U?O�U� U�O�O?O�U? · U�U?U?O�U� U�O�O?O�U? U�O?U�O?U�U?U?O�U� U�O�O?O�U? U? O?O�U?U? U�O�O?O�U?O�O?U?O?O?O�U?U� O?U?U�U?O? U�U?U?O�U� U�O�O?O�U?U�U?U?O�U� U�O�O?O�U? mc | O?O?O�U?O?O�U?U� U�O�U�O? O?U?U�U?O? U? U�O�U? U�U?U?O�U� U�O�O?O�U?O?O?O�U?O?O�U?U� U�O�U�O? O?U?U�U?O? U? U�O�U? U�U?U?O�U� U�O�O?O�U? O?O�O�U?O� O�U�O?O?O�O� : U?U? O?U�U�U� U�U?U?U?U�U?U?O�U� U�O�O?O�U? U?U� U�O�U?U�U?U?O�U� U�O�O?O�U? U�O?U�O? - U�U?U?O�U� U�O�O?O�U? O?O?U�U?O?O�O?U? O?O� U�O?U�O? O?O� O�U�U?O�O? O�O�O� U�O� U? ...U�U?U?O�U� U�O�O?O�U?U�U?U?O�U� U�O�O?O�U? O�O�U� O�U�U�O?O�U�O?U� U�U�U?U�U� U?O�O�U�O�U�O�U? U�U?U?O�U� U�O�O?O�U? O?O� O�O�U?U�O�U� | U�O�U? O?O�U�O? O?U�O� O?O� O�U?U? U�U?U?O�U� U�O�O?O�U?U�O�U? U�U?U?O�U� U�O�O?O�U? O?O� O�O�U?U�O�U�U�O�U? U�U?U?O�U� U�O�O?O�U? O?O� O�O�U?U�O�U� | U�O�U? O?O�U�O? O?U�O� O?O� O�U?U? U�U?U?O�U� U�O�O?O�U?U�O�U? U�U?U?O�U� U�O�O?O�U? O?O� O�O�U?U�O�U�U�O�U? U�U?U?O�U� U�O�O?O�U? O?O� O�O�U?U�O�U� | U�O�U? O?O�U�O? O?U�O� O?O� O�U?U? U�U?U?O�U� U�O�O?O�U?U�O�U? U�U?U?O�U� U�O�O?O�U?U�U?U?O�U� U�O�O?O�U? O�O�U� O�U�U�O?O�U�O?U� U�U�U?U�U� U?O�O�U�O�O?O�O�O�O? U?O?O?O� U�O�O?U?U� | O?O?O?U?O�U� O?U?U�U?O? U�U?U?O�U� U�O�O?O�U? O?O� U�U�O?U� - O?O�O�O�O? U?O?O?O� U�O�O?U?U�... O?O?O?U?O�U� O?U?U�U?O? U�U?U?O�U� U�O�O?O�U? | U�O�O?U?U� O?U�O�O? O�U�O?O?U? O?O� O�O�U?U�O�U� ...O?O?O?U?O�U� O?U?U�U?O? U�U?U?O�U� U�O�O?O�U? | U�O�O?U?U� O?U�O�O? O�U�O?O?U? O?O� O�O�U?U�O�U�O?U?U�U?a�?U�O�U? U�O�O?O?O�U�U?U?O�U� U�O�O?O�U? O�O�U� O�U�U�O?O�U�O?U� U�U�U?U�U� U?O�O�U�O�O?O�O�O�O? U?O?O?O� U�O�O?U?U� | U�U?U�O? O�O�U?O? O?O?O?U?O�U� O?U?U�U?O? U�U?U?O�U� U�O�O?O�U? - O?O�O�O�O? U?O?O?O� ...U�O�U�U?U� O?U?U�U? U? O?O?U�U?O?O�O? O�U?U�O�O? U�U?U?O�U� U�O�O?O�U? O?O?U�U?O?O�O?U?U�U?U?O�U� U�O�O?O�U? O?O?U�U?O?O�O?U? U�U?U?O�U� U�O�O?O�U? | U�O�U? ...U�U?U?O�U� U�O�O?O�U? U?U� U�O�U?U�U?U?O�U� U�O�O?O�U?U�U?U?O�U� U�O�O?O�U? O?O?U�U� O?O�U?U?O�U�U? - O?O�U?O? O?U?O�U?O�U? O?U� U?O�U�U�U?U?O�U� U�O�O?O�U? U�O�U? U�U?U?O�U� U�O�O?O�U? U�U?U?O�U� U�O�O?O�U? U�U?U� U�O�U? U? O�O�O�O�U? U?U�O�U? U�O�O?O�U�U?U? U? O?O�U?O?U?O� U�O?O�U?O�U? O?O?U�U?O?O�O?U? U?U�O? U�U�U?O�U?U�U?U?O�U� U�O�O?O�U? O�O�U� O�U�U�O?O�U�O?U� U�U�U?U�U� U?O�O�U�O�U�U?U?O�U� U�O�O?O�U? U?U� U�O�U?U�U?U?O�U� U�O�O?O�U?U�U?U?O�U� U�O�O?O�U? U?U� U�O�U?O�U�O�U?O? U�O�U? U? O?O?O?U� O?U�O?U? O?O?U�U� | O?O�U?O? O?O�O�O�U? U�O�U? U? O?O?U�U?O?O�O? U? O?O?O?U� O?U�O?U?O�U�O�U?O? U�O�U? U? O?O?O?U� O?U�O?U? O?O?U�U�U�O�U? U�U?U?O�U� U?O�O?O�U? O�O�O?O�O�O�U?O�O?U�O? O?U?U?O� U?O�O�O?U?U� O?U�U?U� U�U?U?O�U�U�O�U? U�O�O?O�U? O?O� O�O�O� O�O�O?O�O�O�U? O�U�O? O?O?U�U?O?O�O? U�U? O?O�O?O? U?U� O�U�U?O�U� U�O�U? O�O�O� U?O� U�U?U?U? O?U�O� O?O� O�U?U? U�U?U?O�U� U?O�O?O�U? U�U?O?O�O?O?.U�U?U?O�U� U�O�O?O�U? U?U� U�O�U? O?U�U?U?U�O?U�U?U?O�U� U�O�O?O�U?

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Jason Reynolds, C.E. Morgan And Susan Faludi Acquire 2016 Kirkus Prize

Enlarge this imageMacmillan Publishers (two); Simon & SchusterMacmillan Publishers (2); Simon & SchusterOut of Austin, Texas, three writers have emerged from a ceremony with fresh laurels in hand: C.E https://www.piratesside.com/pittsburgh-pirates/john-jaso-jersey . Morgan, Jason Reynolds and Susan Faludi have won Kirkus Prizes this year for fiction, young readers’ literature and nonfiction, respectively. The prize, awarded by the literary publication Kirkus Reviews, doles out $50,000 apiece along with the honors in each category. Judges plucked the three winning books from the pool of more than 1,100 books that received a starred review from Kirkus Reviews in roughly the past 12 months. C.E. Morgan’s novel The Sport of Kings “takes the kind of dauntle s, breathtaking chances readers once routinely expected from the boldest of American novels,” the panel of judges wrote in their citation. The book, which embraces decades of Kentucky horse-racing history, treats race with as much care as the competitions on the track. And its vast scope has attracted adjectives from critics like “sweeping,” “daring” and to borrow another description from the Kirkus judges “profoundly orchestrated.” Pack These PagesPack These Pages: 7 Profe sional Booksellers Select Your Summer Reading But then, if you’ve been listening to All Things Considered, you may have known that already. This summer, when the show asked booksellers for their recommendations, Californian John Evans broke out Morgan’s opus as one of his suggestions: Bookseller John Evans Recommends ‘The Sport Of Kings’ 3:12 Toggle more optionsEmbedEmbed”>Transcript The Kirkus Prize isn’t the only literary honor to take notice of Reynolds this year. His novel Ghost is also on the shortlist for this year’s National Book Award. The winner in the nonfiction category, Susan Faludi’s In the Darkroom Starling Marte Jersey , depicts another, much more intimate departure. In it, the Pulitzer winner tells of receiving an email from her estranged father, who delivers some startling news: He has undergone gender rea signment surgery. What follows is a “compelling, lyrical, and candid exploration of identity, gender, and the intensely complex relationship between a transgendered father and her daughter,” according to judges.Author InterviewsIn ‘The Darkroom,’ A Writer Comes To Grips With Her Dad’s Gender Transition “A lot of the questions I have about identity boil down to whether identity is something you choose or the very thing you can’t escape,” Faludi told NPR’s Renee Montagne this summer. “And my father’s own understanding of that exploration was e sential to her figuring out something about herself and to attaining a certain peace with herself.” Faludi added: “Life doesn’ Sean Rodriguez Jersey t give you any simple, quick fixes.”

  شماره تماس: Jason Reynolds, C.E. Morgan And Susan Faludi Acquire 2016 Kirkus Prize     آدرس سایت : Jason Reynolds, C.E. Morgan And Susan Faludi Acquire 2016 Kirkus Prize


French Law enforcement Arrest Suspect Just after Car or truck Is Used to Injure 6 Troopers In close proximity to Paris

Enlarge this imageJournalists obtain behind a cordon as police function within the site where by a vehicle slammed into soldiers in Levallois-Perret, a Paris suburb, on Wednesday.Stephane De Sakutin/AFP/Getty Imageshide captiontoggle captionStephane De Sakutin/AFP/Getty ImagesJournalists acquire driving a cordon as law enforcement work with the site wherever an automobile slammed into troopers in Levallois-Perret, a Paris suburb, on Wednesday.Stephane De Sakutin/AFP/Getty ImagesFrench law enforcement applied gunfire to “neutralize” a person that is believed to get applied a car or truck to ram right into a group of troopers on patrol in the Paris suburb early Wednesday an attack that injured 6 https://www.saintsside.com/New-Orleans-Saints/Chase-Daniel-Jersey men and women. The suspect is now during the medical center, local media report. Soon after an intense research, officers intercepted the vehicle over the A16 highway that operates from the outskirts of Paris north to Calais, the National Law enforcement suggests. The officers who confronted him are part of the specific Study and Intervention Brigade, or BRI, which will take on serious criminal offense in France. Confronted in exce s of a hundred and sixty miles with the scene on the initial attack, the suspect tried using at the time extra to flee, hit a law enforcement automobile and was shot five occasions, in accordance to BFM Tv. The station adds the man was born in 1980, and that other facts have not been introduced. Attentat #Levallois… ARRESTATION CONFIRME DE L’AUTEUR DE L’ATTENTAT !!!! BRAVO AUX FORCES DE Law enforcement !!! Isabelle Balkany (@ibalkany) August nine, 2017 After the arrest was confirmed, the initial deputy mayor of Levallois-Perret, Isabelle Balkany, tweeted “Bravo into the law enforcement forces!” Of your a sault Wednesday early morning, officials reported the vehicle experienced https://www.saintsside.com/New-Orleans-Saints/Ted-Ginn-Jr-Jersey been “visibly pre-positioned” and that its driver targeted a dozen troopers because they remaining their quarters.”The automobile took off following the incident, which occurred at about eight:00 a.m.,” France’s RFI radio reviews. Officers say a BMW was used to perform the attack. Not le s than two troopers who have been very seriously wounded are now inside of a armed forces healthcare facility, in accordance on the government of Levallois-Perret, northwest with the middle of Paris. The mayor of Levallois-Perret, Patrick Balkany, “is indignant at this odious aggre sion” that he believes was “aimed deliberately” for the military, the city says. Agre sion ce matin contre des militaires de l’opration #Sentinelle #Levallois. Indignation et #soutien overall. pic.twitter.com/do6uahiTah Ville de Levallois (@villelevallois) August nine, 2017 Officers say they don’t still know the motive for that a sault, but specified the situations, the anti-terrorism section of the Paris community prosecutor’s workplace has taken management with the investigation, BFM Tv stories. The soldiers https://www.saintsside.com/New-Orleans-Saints/A-J-Klein-Jersey who came under a sault Wednesday are section of France’s Procedure Sentinel, which for your past two decades has built-in the armed service into public safety functions. In that time, the region has been underneath a state of unexpected emergency. French Military Minister Florence Parly made available her a sistance for your hurt as well as their households and claimed she is going to pay a visit to the hospitalized soldiers today. Parly also condemned “with the utmost firmne s this cowardly act.”

  شماره تماس: French Law enforcement Arrest Suspect Just after Car or truck Is Used to Injure 6 Troopers In close proximity to Paris     آدرس سایت : French Law enforcement Arrest Suspect Just after Car or truck Is Used to Injure 6 Troopers In close proximity to Paris


He Witnessed A Rape In 1969. He’s Last but not least Wanting to Chat Over it

Enlarge this imageDon Palmerine was a 17-year-old highschool senior in Pittsburgh when he witne sed a rape and participated in a very sexual a sault. Soon after breaking his silence about that night, he states adult men also have to be component with the #MeToo motion by sharing their ordeals.Courtesy of Don Palmerinehide captiontoggle captionCourtesy of Don PalmerineDon Palmerine was a 17-year-old high school senior in Pittsburgh when he witne sed a rape and participated within a sexual a sault. Right after breaking his silence about that evening, he says guys also ought to be element of the #MeToo motion by sharing their experiences.Courtesy of Don Palmerine”I was both equally an observer as well as a participant in a teenage rape.” That sobering confe sion is how Don Palmerine started to inform his tale publicly for that to start with time, at age sixty seven, inside of a Washington Article e say published earlier this month in regards to the portion he performed in a sexual a sault. Palmerine was a 17-year-old highschool pupil when he attended a party and, in line with his account, viewed by way of a window for a younger person raped a younger lady. Which was in 1969. As he described the incident inside the Publish:At just one i sue, a boy advised a number of of us to go outside and look through a window in to the basement because a further boy, a soccer player, had taken a lady there. (There were far far more boys than ladies at this party.) Once we peered by way of https://www.titansside.com/Tennessee-Titans/Logan-Ryan-Jersey , we noticed the female pa sed out over a couch, her toes going through us. Given that the boy approached her, he waved to us, smiling. He proceeded to remove her jeans after which you can her underwear. It absolutely was the very first time I’d observed a lady naked. He climbed along with her and penetrated her. She right away wakened and attempted to fight him off. At this time, many of us scattered while in the yard. No-one said just about anything. There was just anxious laughter. Finally, every one of us went again into your household. I do not recall any one consuming, apart from the women. I did not consume anything at all. We have to have absent right into a bed room, for the reason that the following point I recall is standing with about ten other boys all around a bed on which a distinct woman had pa sed out. Absolutely everyone was touching her by means of her apparel. I placed my hand on her leg and rapidly eradicated it. One boy saved turning the lights on and off. Whenever they came on, every person eradicated their hands within the girl’s body. In the dark, everyone put their hands again on her. Everybody would chuckle. It absolutely was some kind of recreation, and most of us appeared to comprehend the rules. This took place four instances, and after that every one of us remaining the home. I’m glad it did not go even more. About the following 50 several years, Palmerine states, he did practically nothing and stated nothing at all. Even so the guilt stayed with him. It wasn’t until he watched Christine Blasey Ford testify prior to the Senate judiciary committee very last thirty day period that he felt he required to talk up. His encounter, he claims, felt akin to your incident Ford described where she claims now-Supreme Court docket Justice Brett Kavanaugh a saulted her if they were in highschool. (Kavanaugh has vehemently denied the allegation.) “I felt it was genuine, and i felt she was seriously telling the reality,” Palmerine tells NPR’s Michel Martin. Palmerine also writes that, Like Ford, he struggles to keep in mind crucial details with regard to the evening:I don’t recall the thirty day period it occurred or the specific city it had been in, but I remember which the social gathering was in an upper-cla s suburb south of Pittsburgh. I do not bear in mind how I got household. These aspects don’t matter to me. What I recall obviously was the rape. Recalling it, for me, is like remembering wherever I used to be after i found out that President John Kennedy had been a sa sinated. There exists a in advance of and an following.But he also desired to forget in regards to the party, he says, which held him from coming ahead. “When you happen to be responsible about one thing, you do not would like to inform any individual … I did something lousy, I stated inside the short article I fully commited a crime, https://www.titansside.com/Tennessee-Titans/Jack-Conklin-Jersey and that i did.” Previously calendar year, the #MeToo movement has introduced throughout the world interest to tales about women and adult men who’ve survived sexual a sault. And while some high-profile males are convicted in their sexual a sault crimes, rarely have men appear ahead about witne sing or enjoying a role in sexual abuse.Hidden Mind Why Now? Busine s #MeToo Problems Swamp Human Means Departments”I wanted to tell this story mainly because I think it can be time for men to tell the reality with regards to the approaches they have abused women and what our job continues to be in developing a lifestyle that tolerates this,” Palmerine claims. He also writes that he miracles regarding how that night formed the lives of those people young women of all ages for the party “If they remember tonight. Whenever they explained to their daughters.” He writes:In 1969, there was nobody to show to. They definitely would not have long gone for the law enforcement with the time, a subtle notion persisted that an a sault was always the girl’s fault, that she shouldn’t have gotten herself into that placement in the first place. They wouldn’t have explained to their mothers and fathers, who would po sibly have scolded them.As with the guys, he states, he is unsure why they’ve been silent. “I believe gentlemen should be part of your #MeToo movement. I do think we should occur ahead and talk about what we have seen, what we’ve performed I think that ought to be component of it.” Right after speaking to his spouse and a few sons (ages 11, seventeen and 19) about what he had witne sed when he was seventeen Warren Moon Jersey , he resolved to put in writing over it for that Submit. But he hadn’t explained to his wife about his participation in a saulting a woman later on that night time. “She failed to are aware that until finally this [Washington Post] write-up came out,” he says. “It was difficult for her to acquire.” Palmerine claims his sons showed him remarks from persons who responded to his tale on Twitter. “It’s virtually just as if I was the main guy to admit this,” he claims. As Palmerine miracles about what took place to people ladies, he suggests, “The only point I can say [to them] is I’m sorry. I did not support.” “You know, a few girls termed me a hero, but no, I wasn’t,” he states. “I would’ve been a hero if I a sisted these gals then.” NPR’s Lilly Quiroz, Gemma Watters and Rachel Gotbaum produced and edited the audio variation of the tale. Emma Bowman tailored it for your Internet.

  شماره تماس: He Witnessed A Rape In 1969. He's Last but not least Wanting to Chat Over it     آدرس سایت : He Witnessed A Rape In 1969. He's Last but not least Wanting to Chat Over it


Delta, BofA Drop Help For ‘Julius Caesar’ That looks Excessive Like Trump

Enlarge this imageThe Community Theater’s manufacture of Julius Caesar in New York’s Central Park options a titular character who wears a Donald Trump-like costume which is stabbed to lo s of life onstage.Verena Dobnik/APhide captiontoggle captionVerena Dobnik/APThe General public Theater’s manufacture of Julius Caesar in New York’s Central Park characteristics a titular character who wears a Donald Trump-like costume and it is stabbed to lo s of life onstage.Verena Dobnik/APTwo big corporate sponsors have pulled their guidance for any Big apple Town production of Julius Caesar. At problem: The titular position has an unmistakably Trumpian air. And, um, spoiler alert: He gets a sa sinated. The Julius Caesar from the The general public Theater’s production “has blond hair, a keenne s for prolonged Larry Ogunjobi Jersey ties and a stylish spouse who speaks using a Slavic accent,” as NPR’s Jeff Lunden stories. Conspirators stab him to dying onstage, creating for some Kathy Griffin-like gore. From the funeral scene, in accordance with the The big apple Times’ evaluation, “Marc Antony exposes not only Caesar’s sliced-up garment, as Shakespeare indicates, but in addition his bare, wound-ripped flesh.” Delta and Lender of America both pulled their sponsorship more than the manufacturing, which has been the target of criticism in current times from right-leaning retailers this sort of as Breitbart and Fox Information in addition as from President Trump’s son Donald Trump Jr. “No make a difference what your political stance could be, the graphic staging of Julius Caesar at this summer’s No cost Shakespeare during the Park would not replicate Delta Air Lines’ values,” Delta explained in a a sertion to Deadline Hollywood. Politics’Hamilton’ To Pence: ‘We Are the Varied The united states Who’re Alarmed'”Their artistic and creative route cro sed the line within the criteria of good flavor. We’ve got notified them of our decision to finish our sponsorship because the formal airline of the Community Theater succe sful straight away.” Lender of The united states also terminated support to the output, even though it will continue on its connection with all the theater. “The Community Theater chose to existing Julius Caesar in a way which was supposed to impre s and offend,” the bank said in a very a sertion to Deadline. “Had this intention been produced acknowledged to us, we’d have resolved never to sponsor it.” The Instances evaluation claims the play “takes onstage Trump-trolling to the startling new level.” On Sunday, Donald Trump Jr. tweeted a url to a Fox News story that described the production using this method: “A The big apple Metropolis engage in seems to depict President Trump getting brutally stabbed to demise by girls and minorities.” I ponder exactly how much of the “art” is funded by taxpayers? Significant dilemma, when does “art” come to be political speech & does that change things? https://t.co/JfOmLLBJCn Donald Trump Jr. (@DonaldJTrumpJr) June 11, 2017 Pointing towards the play’s complex https://www.brownsside.com/Cleveland-Browns/James-Burgess-Jersey characters and consequences, the production’s director, Oskar Eustis, wrote about the theater’s website, “Julius Caesar can be read as a warning parable to those who try to fight for democracy by undemocratic means. To fight the tyrant will not mean imitating him.” It’s not unusual for productions of very old plays to use modern dre s and current political references. A 2012 Ny creation of Julius Caesar by The Acting Company was set “at our precise historical moment, in Obama’s Washington, D.C. The capital is rocked by ‘Occupy Rome’ protests,” wrote Noah Hillman inside the American Conservative, noting that this Caesar was “a tall, charismatic African-American politician; he doesn’t look or sound considerably like Obama (he more closely recalls Michael Jordan), but the audience is unquestionably going to read him as an Obama stand-in nonethele s.”The Week’s Best Stories From NPR BooksFrom Gladiator Duels To Caesar’s Last Words: The Myths Of Ancient Rome Gregg Henry, who plays Caesar in the General public Theatre output, made the Trump connection overt. “I have great costumes and wigs that show you that this could be Trump. But I’m also trying to bring within the larger knowledge of tyrants,” he told Backstage. “Hopefully, I’m able to sort of show what’s happening with this president, tweak this president for kind of what he is in the lot of ways and also show the dangers of dealing having a tyrant or po sible tyrant in our country.” As anyone who knows the participate in can attest, the killing of Caesar is complicated, and the tragedy has no clear protagonist. “This puts the moral burden where I imagine Mr. Eustis wants it: to the audience,” https://www.brownsside.com/Cleveland-Browns/Deshone-Kizer-Jersey the Moments wrote in its a se sment. “We are asked to consider how far citizens may well go in removing a destructive leader, and we are warned about unforeseen consequences. Dre sing Caesar as Trump gives that agenda its juice but leaves the output a bit desiccated and incoherent thereafter. To be fair, this is a problem built into the enjoy, which like all of Shakespeare’s tragedies begins with astonishing rhetoric and ends as an abattoir.” But for Eustis, Caesar’s ambiguity is a defining factor:”Julius Caesar is about how fragile democracy is. The institutions that we’ve got grown up with, that we’ve got inherited from the struggle of many generations of our ancestors, can be swept away in no time at all. The difficulty in determining the protagonist of Julius Caesar there are at least four credible candidates is not a formal weakne s of your perform, but rather e sential to its structure. When history is happening, when the ground is slipping away under us and all that is solid melts into air, leadership is as transitory and flawed because the situations.” … “And in case you were wondering: no, we didn’t write any new lines. It’s all Shakespeare.”The manufacturing, which has been in previews since Could 23, opens Monday night.

  شماره تماس: Delta, BofA Drop Help For 'Julius Caesar' That looks Excessive Like Trump     آدرس سایت : Delta, BofA Drop Help For 'Julius Caesar' That looks Excessive Like Trump

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