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U�O�U?U� O?U?U�U?O? U�U?U?O�U� U?U�O?O�O� U�O�O�U? U�O�O?O�U?


U�U?U�O? O?O�U?U? U?U�O?O�O� U�O�O�U? U�O�O?O�U? a�� O?O�U?O? U�U?U�O? U�O�U�U?U�O? O?O�U?U? U?U�O?O�O� U�O�O�U?O?O�U?U? U?U�O?O�O� U�O�O�U? O?U?U�O?U?U� | U�U?U?O�U� U�O�O?O�U? U? U?U�O�O?O?U?U�U? - O?O�U?U? O?U�U?U�U?U�U?U?U�U? ...U�U?U?O�U� U?U�O?O�O� U�O�O�U? ...O?O�U?U? U?U�O?O�O� U�O�O�U? U?U?O�U�U? O?O� U?O�U?U?U� O?O�U?U� U�U?U�O? U�U�U�U� O?O� O?O�O?O�O� * O?O�U�O? O�U� ...O?O�U? U?U�O?O�O� U�O�O�U? U?U?O�U�U?O?O�O�O�O? U?O?O?O� U�O�O?U?U� | O�O�U?O? O?O?O?U?O�U� O?U?U�U?O? U�U�U�O?U� U�U?U?O�U� U�O�O?O�U? - O?O�O�O�O? ...... U?O�U?O? O?O?O?U?O�U� U�U?U?O�U� U�O�O?O�U? U?U�O?O�O� U�O�O�U?U?O�U?O? O?O?O?U?O�U� U�U?U?O�U� U�O�O?O�U? U?U�O?O�O� U�O�O�U? Stars ...U?O�U?O? O?O?O?U?O�U� O?U?U�U?O? U�U?U?O�U� U�O�O?O�U?- stockmachin.comU?O�U?O? O?O?O?U?O�U� O?U?U�U?O? U�U?U?O�U� U�O�O?O�U?O?O�O�O�O? U?O?O?O� U�O�O?U?U� | U?O�U?O? O?O?O?U?O�U� O?U?U�USO? U�USU?O�U� U?O�O?O�US - O?O�O�O�O? U?O?O?O� U�O�O?U?U�U�U?U?O�U� U�O�O?O�U? SABA CUP - O?O�O�O�O? U?O?O?O� U�O�O?U?U� | O�O�U� O�U�O?O�O?U? O�O� O?U?U�U?O? U�U?U?O�U� U�O�O?O�U? - O?O�O�O�O? U?O?O?O� U�O�O?U?U�.U�U?U�O? O?O�U?U? U?U�O?O�O� U�O�O�U? U�O�O?O�U? a�� O?O�U?O? U�U?U�O? U�O�U�U?U�O? O?O�U?U? U?U�O?O�O� U�O�O�U?O?O?O?U?O�U� U? O?O�U?U? U? U�USU?O�U� USU?O?O�O� U�O�O�U? U?O�O?O�USU�O?O�U?O�U? U�U?U?O�U� U?U�O?O�O� U�O�O�U? U�O�O?O�U? U�O?O?O? O?U� U�U?U?O�U� U?U�O?O�O� U�O�O�U? U?U�O�O?O?U?U�U? ...U�U?U?O�U� U�O�O?O�U?U�O?O�U?O�U? U�U?U?O�U� U?U�O?O�O� U�O�O�U? U�O�O?O�U? U�O?O?O? O?U� U�U?U?O�U� U?U�O?O�O� U�O�O�U? U?U�O�O?O?U?U�U?U�U?U?O�U� U�O�O?O�U? U�O?O�U?O�U? U�U?U?O�U� U?U�O?O�O� U�O�O�U? ...U�U?U?O�U� U�O�O?O�U? U�U?U�U?U� U�O�U?... U�U?U?O�U� U�O�O?O�U?; U�U?U�O? U�U�O�O?O? U? O�O�O?O�U� O?U� U�O?O?O? O?U� O?O�U?U? U?U�O?O�O� U�O�O�U? U?U?O�U�U?U�O?O�U?O� U? U�O?O�U?O? U�U?U?O�U�a�?U�O�U? U�O�O?O�U? U? U?U?U�U?U�U?U?O�U�a�? U�O�O?O�U? U? U?U?U�U?. U�U?U?O�U� U�O�U? U?U� O?O�O� U�O�O�U? U?U?U�U?U�U?U?O�U� U�O�O?O�U? U�U?U�U?U� U�O�U?... U�U?U?O�U� U�O�O?O�U?; U�U?U�O? U�U�O�O?O? U? O�O�O?O�U� O?U� U�O?O?O? O?U� O?O�U?U? U?U�O?O�O� U�O�O�U? U?U?O�U�U?U�U?U?O�U� U�O�O?O�U? U�U?U�U?U� U�O�U?U�O?O�U?O�U? U�U?U?O�U� U�O�O?O�U? U?U�O?O�O� U�O�O�U? U�O?O?O? O?U� U�U?U?O�U� U?U�O?O�O� U�O�O�U? U?U�O�O?O?U?U�U?U�U?U?O�U� U�O�O?O�U? | U�O�U? U�U?U?O�U� U�O�O?O�U? | U�U?U?O�U� U�O�O?O�U? U�U?U� | U�O�U? U�U?U?O�U� ...U�U?U?O�U� U�O�O?O�U?O?O�U?U? U�O�O?O�U? U?U�O?O�O� U�O�O�U? - U�U?U?O�U� U�O�O?O�U?... U�O�O?O�U? O?O�U?U? U?U�O?O�O� U�O�O�U? O?U?U�O?U?U� | U�U?U?O�U� U?U�O?O�O� U�O�O�U? > U�U?U?O�U� U�O�O?O�U?U�U�U?U�U� O�O�O� U�O�U? O?O?U�U?O?O�O?U? O�O�O?O�O�O�U? ...O�O?O�U�O�U�U� U?U?O?U?O�U�O�U� a�� O?O?U�O�USUS O?O� U?O�O?USU�O? O?U?U�USO? O?O�U?U? USU?O?O�O� U�O�O�U? U?O�O?O�US... O?U?U�U?O? O?O�U?U? U?U�O?O�O� U�O�O�U? U�O�O?O�U?. aq3U�U?U?O�U� U�O�O?O�U? , O?O?O?U?O�U� O?U?U�U?O? U�U?U?O�U� U�O�O?O�U? , U�U?O�O? O�U?U�U?U� O?O�U?U? U�O�O?O�U? ...O?O?O�O? U?O?O?U?: O?U�O�O�U� - O?U�O�U?O�O� - U�U�O�O�O�O�U� O?O?O�U�U�U? - O?U�O�U� U?O�O?U?O?U?U� - O�O?O?O?O�U? O?U�U?O�O� O�U�O�U� O�U�U?U�U? - U�O�O?U?O?U� O?U� U?O�O?U?O�U� - U�U?U�U� O?U�O�U?U� U?U�O�U� 8O?O�O�O�O? U?O?O?O� U�O�O?U?U� | U�U?U�O? O�O� O?U?U�U?O? O?O�U?U? U?U�O?O�O� U�O�O�U? U�O�O?O�U? - O?O�O�O�O? ...... O?U?U�U?O? U? U?O�O? O?O?O?U�O�U� U�U?U�O? O?O�U?U? U?U� O?O�O� U�O�O�U? U�O�O?O�U? | U�U?U�O? O�O�O? U? O�U�O�U�U?U�O? O?O�U?U? U?U� O?O�O� U�O�O�U? U�O�O?O�U? ...O�O� O?U?U�USO? O?O�U?U? USU�O?O�O� U�O�O�U? U?U?U� U?U�US O�O?O?O�USO�U� PS|O�O� O?U?U�USO? O�U�U?O�O? O?O�U?U? ...O�O� O?U?U�USO? O?O�U?U? USU�O?O�O� U�O�O�U? U?U?U� U?U�US O�O?O?O�USO�U� PSO�O� O?U?U�USO? O?O�U?U? U?USO�U�US USU�O?O�O� U�O�O�U?|O?O?O?U?O�U� O?U?U�USO? O?O�U?U? USU�O?O�O� U�O�O�U? U?USO�U�US ...U?O�O�USU�O? O?U?U�USO? U?O�U� U?USO�U�US O?USO?O? O?O�O�USO? U?O�USO� :PS O?U?U�USO? O?O�U?U? USU�O?O�O� U�O�O�U? U?U?U� |O�O� O?U?U�USO? O?O�U?U? U?U?U� U?U�US O�O?O?O�USO�U� | ps U?U?U�O�O� O?U?U�USO? O?O�U?U? USU�O?O�O� U�O�O�U? U?U?U� U?U�US O�O?O?O�USO�U� PSO?O�O�O�O? U?O?O?O� U�O�O?U?U� | U?O�U?O? O?O?O?U?O�U� O?U?U�U?O? O?O�U?U? U?U�O?O�O� U�O�O�U? U�O�O?O�U? - O?O�O�O�O? ...U�USU�O? O?O?O?U?O�U� O?U?U�USO? U�USU?O�U� U?O�O?O�US - U�U?U?O�U� U�O�O?O�U?.O?O?O?U?O�U� O?U?U�U?O? O?O�U?U? U?U�O?O�O� U�O�O�U?

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۵ Takeaways – Leafs at Predators – 03-30-17

Video: TOR@NSH: van Riemsdyk nets tip-in for PPG1. Leafs acquire initially direct on van Riemsdyk’s power enjoy purpose; Marner will help out to set new franchise rookie file for a sists. Toronto was squaring off towards a Predators squad which is 23-8-7 at home this time – tying them with Anaheim for next area inside the NHL this yr for fewest regulation lo ses within their very own arena – neverthele s the Leafs performed a wise to start with twenty minutes and capitalized on their own very first power participate in prospect of your evening late from the opening frame: winger James van Riemsdyk scored his 24th intention from the period with 1:18 left from the interval following deflecting a shot with the i sue by blueliner Nikita Zaitsev, plus the Buds headed into the initial intermi sion along with the direct.Winger Mitch Marner registered the secondary a sist on van Riemsdyk’s goal, giving the 19-year-old a team-leading forty one a sists this yr – and breaking Leafs legend Gus Bodnar’s franchise file for a sists by a rookie which was set in 1943-44. A single match immediately after centre Auston Matthews broke icon Wendel Clark’s 31-year-old record for plans by a first-year participant when he scored his thirty fifth with the time, Marner attained a marvelous spot for himself in Toronto’s storied record publications, as well as in a different e sential sport with the Leafs, he helped the team’s result in and struggle for a playoff berth. Video: TOR@NSH: Andersen scrambles to maintain the puck out2. Toronto spends huge portion of 2nd in penalty ha sle, but Andersen and PK crew supply admirably. The Leafs killed from the initial Predators electrical power perform while in the initial period, but gave up three consecutive person benefits inside of a seven-minute span from the 2nd, which includes two minors in a very row to centre Tyler Bozak. Fortuitously for Toronto fans, goaltender Frederik Andersen – again within the lineup right after dealing with an upper-body damage previously this 7 days – was his regular sharp self, along with the Buds’ reputable penalty-killing device delivered a mistake-free hard work on every Preds electrical power enjoy to preserve their one-goal direct.Blueliners Matt Hunwick and Roman Polak led the penalty eliminate for Toronto as a result of two durations, respectively logging four:37 and 4:02 of shorthanded time, even though wingers Zach Hyman (3:59) and Connor Brown (three:34) had been the Leafs’ most utilized forwards within the PK. And Andersen turned apart all 17 Nashville shots via two durations, looking like he hadn’t skipped a conquer in the course of his temporary day without work.Video clip: TOR@NSH: Matthews beats Rinne for a power-play goal3. In in close proximity to mirror-image replication of very first, Leafs strike late in next due to Matthews’ man-advantage marker Frederik Andersen Jersey . At the time they’d killed off the previous of Nashville’s 3 consecutive electric power plays, the Leafs bought certainly one of their own with two:fifty seven remaining right until the 2nd intermi sion. And, just as they did while in the first, Toronto built probably the most of their chance, as Brown established up Matthews using a slick pa s as he drove toward the net, and Matthews blasted the puck earlier Predators netminder Pekka Rinne with 1:17 still left from the frame to create it 2-0 for the people.Brown recorded his sixteenth support and 34th i sue from the yr on Matthews’ goal, and Matthews enhanced his consecutive point streak to 7 game titles with all the marker. But for the second straight interval, Nashville outshot Toronto, and for the next straight period, the Leafs capitalized late that can help their cause.4. Preds get over the scoresheet midway through third, but Leafs destroy off one more penalty to remain in front. The Predators turned up the pre sure while in the 3rd, out-shooting the Leafs 12-1 in the first fifteen minutes, and with that type of ratio, it wasn’t a surprise Nashville inevitably bought a puck past Andersen. During this instance, it was centre Filip Forsberg who scored his thirtieth of your year at 9:37 on the body, pulling his team within a single goal of tying the game.The tension mounted after that, when Polak was termed for holding within the eleven:02 mark for your Preds’ fifth man advantage of the evening. But although there have been some tense moments in the course of the ensuing electric power participate in, Andersen along with the PK unit at the Timothy Liljegren Jersey time all over again prevented Nashville from scoring. Toronto’s particular groups were the main difference on tonight, plus the Leafs posted two huge standings points to stay in third spot in the Atlantic Division and in advance with the Boston Bruins, who also received Thursday and keep on being one place behind them (with the Leafs however keeping a sport in hand).five. Brown scores empty-netter to seal the acquire, register one among the top all-around game titles in his fledgling NHL job. The Preds entered the evening with no le s than 3 goals in twelve consecutive house games, but Toronto’s defence did a great career in limiting them to just one, and other than Andersen – who stopped 29 of thirty photographs over the night time for his 31st gain of your time – Brown was a big aspect from the victory.Additionally to his stellar focus on the penalty destroy, Brown did an outstanding position of forechecking late within the sport. And in the event the Preds pulled Rinne for your sixth attacker, Brown scored the empty-netter for his 19th purpose with the 12 months – and his seventh i sue in his earlier 8 online games – to clinch the acquire with the Leafs, who now have received two in a very row and 9 of their past 12. Toronto might make it 3 straight Saturday night inside their remaining overall look at legendary Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, and they’re going to be in a very good position to try and do therefore if kids such as the 19-year-old Brown continue on stepping up in at crucial times.

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O?U?U�U?O? U�U?U?O�U� U�O�O?O�U? O?O?O�U?O?

U�U?U?O�U� U�O�O?O�U? O?O?O�U?O? U�O?O�U?O�U� O? O�O�O�O�U? O? U�O�U? O? O?O?O?U� O?U�O?U? … … O? U?O�U�O? O?O�U�O?U?U?U� O? O�O?O?U� O?U?O? O?U�U?U�U? O? U�U?U?O�U� U�O�O?O�U? * O�O�O�O�U? U? O?U?U�U?O? U�O?O�U?O�U? O?O?U�U?O?O�O?U? … … O?O?U�U?O?O�O?U? U�O�U? U?O?O?O?U� O?U�O?U? O?O?O?U�O�U� … O?U?U�U?O? U�U�U�O?U� U?O�U� U�U?U?O�U� U�O�O?O�U? O?O?O�U?O? U�O�U?U�U?U� O�O?O�O? O?O�O� , O?O�U?U? U?U�O?O�O�U�O�O�U? O? U�U?U?O�U� U�O�O?O�U? O? U�U?U?O�U� U?U?U� O?

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O�U?O? U?U?U�U? O�O?O?O�U?O�U�

O�U?O? U?U?U�U? O�O?O?O�U?O�U�A� O�U?O? U?U?U�U? O�O?O?O�U?O�U� : O?O�U�O? O?U�O?O� O?U?U�O�U� O?U?U�U?O? U�U�U�O?U� O?O�O?U� O�U?O? U?U?U�U? O�O?O?O�U?O�U� ( U?O�O�U�U?U� U?U?O�U�U? O�U?O�U?U�O? U�O�A�) U? O�O�O?O�U� O?U� O?U�O�U� U�U�O�O� U�O?U?O� U�U? O?O�O?O?.   U?O�U� O?O?O?U� O?U�O?U? O?O�O?U� O�U?O? U?U?U�U? O�O?O?O�U?O�U� : U�O� O�O?O?U� O�O�U?U? 60 O?O?O? O?O�O?U� O?U? U?O�U�U? U�U?O?O�O?O?. U�U?O�O�O? U�O�O�U?: U�U?O�O� O?O� O�U?O? U?U?U�U? O�O?O?O�U?O�U� O?

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U�O�U? U�U?U?O�U� U�O�O?O�U? O?O?U�U�

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